Aysgarth Falls in Winter

Aysgarth Falls to Ponderledge Scar Walk

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Yorkshire Dales – Northern & Central Areas – OL30 (Buy it now)

Distance: 6 Miles

Duration: 2 hours minutes

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Aysgarth Falls
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Walk Description

  1. From the car park, facing the river, walk to your left and head straight forward to the Upper Falls.
  2. Follow the path as it loops round to the left
  3. Head right as you rejoin the path you started on.
  4. As you get close to the road, Church Bank, take the path to the right onto the road.
  5. Walk along the road and leave it on a footpath on your right.
  6. Keep to the right on this path and head down to see the Middle Falls
  7. Retrace your steps back up from the Middle Falls and head right on the footpath.
  8. Walk along the path, and take the path to the right as it forks into two paths, down to the Lower Falls.
  9. After the Lower Falls continue on the path beyond a path on the left and follow it round as it goes sharply left.
  10. At the end of this path, head right
  11. Follow this path forwards, ignoring the path coming off to the right
  12. Continue past Hollins House and on to Low Lane
  13. A footpath breaks off to the right on Low Lane – take this.
  14. As it meets another footpath, head right.
  15. As you head along the footpath, stay left – ignoring the path heading to your right.
  16. Stay on this left path as you head into High Thoresby
  17. Head onto the road and follow it round the bend to the left
  18. Head up the road and take the footpath off to the left – before the road bends to the right.
  19. Follow this footpath straight forward onto the road
  20. When you reach the road, head left towards Carperby
  21. After you’ve passed East End Farm head down the road on the right.
  22. Walk around the road and then take the next road off to the right after the corner.
  23. At the end of this road is a footpath, follow this until it forks.
  24. When it forks, take the path to the left.
  25. You then want to take the next footpath off to the left.
  26. Follow it as it takes you behind and then down Ponderledge scar
  27. Keep working forwards ignoring any paths off to the left or right until you reach the road at Carperby.
  28. Head left along the road into Carperby and then take the footpath off to the right.
  29. Follow this path back to Aysgarth.

Long Aysgarth Falls Walk

Additional Information


North Yorkshire


Crags/Boulders, River, Waterfall, Woodland


6 to 8 miles


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