Flamborough Head Walks

Flamborough Head to Bempton Cliffs Walk

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Scarborough, Bridlington and Flamborough Head – Explorer OL301(Buy it now)

Distance: 9.5 Miles

Duration: 4 hours

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Walk Description

Before you start the walk, take some time to enjoy Flamborough head – it’s more of a roam around here than a guided walk

  1. From the Flamborough Head car park, head north – this path will bear left and split off – take the path to the right.
  2. You’re following the rightmost path all the way down the coast until you get to a drive that leads you down to Thornwick Bay Cave – head to the right down the drive
  3. Head off onto the footpath at the end of the drive, again, keeping to the right and following the coast – this will lead you to Bempton Cliffs.
  4. Just reverse the walk to get back to where you started.

Flamborough Head to Bempton Cliffs

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East Yorkshire




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