Malham Cove

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Distance: 8 Miles

Duration: 2 hour, 40 minutes

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Malham Cove
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H 12 • L 11
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Walk Description

  1. Starting from Malham Car Park, exit to the left
  2. Walk up Chapel Gate until the road splits, head right at this point
  3. After crossing the bridge, bear left onto Finkle Street
  4. After a while, take left immediately after The Lister Arms Hotel
  5. Head straight on, ignoring paths to the left and right – you’re well on the way to Malham Cove
  6. The path eventually forks, follow it to the left and over Malham Beck
  7. After crossing Malham Beck head right – this will take you to Malham Cove
  8. Next is the ascent to the top, take the steps to the left of Malham Cove
  9. Once you reach the top, walk to the right along the limestone pavement and check out the vertigo inducing views
  10. When you get off the limestone pavement, this path splits – take it to the left then almost immediately right to pass through a style
  11. Keep going forwards on this path, ignoring the ones breaking off on the right
  12. At the end of this path, head left
  13. Stay on this path for some time (always on the leftmost path)
  14. When this meets the next path, head left
  15. Not long after this, the footpath forks – head right and over the road
  16. Head through the car park and pick up the path on the otherside
  17. Follow it down to the edge of Malham Tarn
  18. It’s a maze of footpaths, so find the next path could be a little tricky (always use a map for reference) you want to join the path that goes off to the South East, bringing you back to the road but further down it this time
  19. When you get back to the road, head left then take the first right
  20. Stay on the leftmost path towards Gordale scar – if you are a competent climber you will be able to scale down the waterfall but if you aren’t, then retrace your steps back out of Gordale scar and take the path to the left
  21. This path will merge with another, follow it down – bearing right the first time it forks, and left for the second time
  22. At the end of the path, head left to join the road
  23. Turn right along the road
  24. Take the footpath off to the left
  25. Follow the riverside path which includes Janet’s Foss until you reach a T junction, head to the right and back into Malham

Additional Information


North Yorkshire


Crags/Boulders, Lake, River, Woodland


6 to 8 miles


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