Malton and River Derwent Walk

Malton, Norton and the River Derwent Walk

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Distance: 7 Miles

Duration: 2 hours, 20 minutes

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Walk Description

  1. From the bridge head down Railway Street and right down Riverside View.
  2. Not far down Riverside View, head right onto a footpath.
  3. Your on this footpath by the edge of the River Derwent for a very long term.
  4. Look out for a bridge – Menethorpe Suspension Bridge – on your right – at this point you need to take the footpath to your left.
  5. This footpath will take you to the a road – follow this left and ignore the footpath you see to the right.
  6. Continue on this road and then take the footpath off to the left further down.
  7. Follow this footpath across Malton & Norton Golf Club (please be careful and considerate to anyone playing)
  8. This footpath brings you out on The Avenue.
  9. Head right onto Welham Road and then follow this road to the left.
  10. At the end Welham Road forks – stick to the left.
  11. You’ll briefly be on the B1248 – cross the train line and then head left along Norton Road.
  12. At the end of Norton Road head right to get back to where you started.

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North Yorkshire




6 to 8 miles


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