Waterfall Walks in Yorkshire

Yorkshire has some of the most beautiful and dramatic landscape that the UK has to offer, with some greatly impressive waterfalls to boot.

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A waterfall is a crowd-pleaser, and certainly one to consider if you’re organising a group walk with a variety of people who may not be that bothered about walking – rather than dragging them up Whernside.

Probably the best known waterfall walk in Yorkshire is the Ingleton Falls walk – this fantastic trail takes you past several waterfalls, including the impressive Thornton Force.

Thornton Force, as with all waterfalls, are best experienced after a good deal of rain, to build up the swell and create a more dramatic waterfall – making after rainfall the best time to go, so be prepared to get wet.

Mud will be everywhere, and will get everywhere – it will likely be slippy, and the going more challenging.

Ultimately, if you do choose to do a waterfall walk during this period, then you should make sure you take care in the conditions and don’t take unnecessary risks – particularly trying to cross rivers on stepping stones, or at low points.

If you go during a dry spell, preferably in the summer, you will find that the waterfall is less impressive but that weather can make the overall experience more enjoyable.

With some waterfalls, you will be able to find a perfect spot for a picnic, in full view of the waterfall.

You’ll find most of Yorkshire’s waterfalls in North Yorkshire, along with a large share of it’s overall natural beauty and rural appeal.

However, you can find waterfall’s in other parts of Yorkshire, such as Goit Stock waterfall near Harden, Bradford.

So, if you want to go on a waterfall walk, you may well need to travel – as the geographic spread of them is not quite as even as the local reservoir.

North Yorkshire, not only boasts the most waterfalls in Yorkshire, it also has some of the best.

Hardraw Force is 100ft high, and is believed to be the tallest single-drop waterfall in England.

Aysgarth Falls – one of the better known waterfalls in Yorkshire, is less about the height of the drop and more about the spread of the falls. This is a triple set of falls that are spread out over a mile, making walking to see them and back a nice little walk in itself.

For anyone walking to Malham Cove, a great route in this area takes you past 2 waterfalls – Gordale Scar and Janet’s Foss. Not forgetting the heavy rainfall in brought on us by Storm Desmond in 2015 which brought the Malham Cove waterfall back to life.

It would certainly be a worthwhile endeavour for someone who loves the outdoor to try and see all the waterfalls in Yorkshire. With the variation stretching from powerful forces of water, to gentle tumbling trickles down multiple flights.

Waterfall’s are a photographers favourite, and a quick look at some of the images you can produce shows exactly why. The beauty that can be captured in the picture of a waterfall is unlike most other things in nature – as well as being much more predictable.

Here’s a summary of all the waterfalls in Yorkshire:

Abbey Force

Acroy Gill Force

Arten Gill Falls

Ash Force

Ashfold Side Beck Falls

Aysgarth Falls

Aysgill Force


Baxenghyll Gorge

Baysdale Beck Tributary Falls

Beezley Falls

Beldon Beck

Black Arc

Black Foss

Blake Beck Force

Blea Gill

Blea Hill Beck Falls

Blow Gill

Bordley Beck

Botcher Gill Falls

Brants Head Gill

Bronte Falls

Brow Gill Beck

Buckden Gill

Burnet Force

Caseker Gill Falls

Cat Leap Waterfall

Catrake Force

Catrigg Force

Cauldron (The) Waterfall

Cautley Spout

Clapham Beck Falls

Cliff Beck Falls Aka Scarr House Falls

Cliff Force

Cliff Wood Falls

Clough Force

Coal Force

Cosh Beck – Lower

Cosh Beck – Upper

Cote Gill Waterfall

Cotter Force

Cow Dub

Crackpot Falls Aka Haverdale Beck Falls

Cray & Crook Gill Falls

Currack Force

Dean Beck Falls

Deep Gill Force

Denthead Falls

Disher Force

Dockra Bridge Falls

Dowber Gill

Ease Gill Falls (See Also Cow Dub)

Easegill Force

East Gill Force

Falling Foss

Folly Dolly Falls

Force Gill Waterfall

Foss Gill

Gaping Gill


Ghaistrill’s Strid

Goit Stock Falls

Golden Grove

Gordale Scar

Graining Scar

Great Force

Great Fryup Dale Falls

Green’s Clough

Gunnerside Gill

Hagg Beck

Hard Level Force

Hardcastle Crags

Hardraw Force & Hardraw Beck Falls

Harmby Falls

Haverdale Beck Falls (Aka Crackpot Falls)


Hayburn Wyke Falls

Hebblethwaite Gill Falls

Hellgill Force

Heugh Gill

High Ash Scar Gill

High Force (See Also Jenny Whalley Force)

High Park Scar

Hindlethwaite Gill

Hoggarths Leap

Holly Bush Spout

Horton Gill Force

Howe Stean Falls

Hud’s Force

Hull Pot

Hunt Pot

Ibbeth Peril

Ivelet Force

Janet’s Foss

Jenny Whalley Force (See Also High Force)

Keld Hole

Keld Scar

Kildale Beck (Aka Old Meggison)

Kisdon Force

Laykin (Hatters Sike) Falls

Linton Falls

Little Hud’s Force

Lockingarth Falls

Low Ash Scar Gill

Low Row Houses

Lumb Falls

Malham Force

Mallyan Spout

March Haigh Reservoir Falls

Marsett Beck

Mathew Bridge Force

Mel Beck Falls

Mill Gill Force (Upper Mill Gill Falls And Whitfield Force)

Mill Scar Lash

Mossdale Falls

Nelly Ayre Foss

Nelly Force

Nidd Falls

North Landing Waterfall

Orgate Force

Oxnop Gill

Park Scar

Pecca Falls

Posforth Gill Waterfall

Rainby Force

Redmire Force


Rigg Mill Beck

Rival Falls

Scale Haw Falls

Scaleber Force

Scaling Beck Falls

Scarr House Falls Aka Cliff Beck Falls

Scow Force

Seavy Sike Force

Sleets Gill Beck

Snow Falls

Stainforth Force

Startling Fall

Stonesdale Beck

Strid (The)

Swinner Gill Falls

Thomasson Foss

Thornton Force


Tounge Gill

Upper River Rye Falls

Upper Wharfe – Langstrothdale

Ure Force

Wain Wath Force

Walk Mill Foss

Water Ling Falls

Waterfall Gill

Waterfall Rock


West Burton Falls (Caudron Falls)

Wharfe Gill Sike

Whitfield Gill Force (See Also Mill Gill Force)


Yew Cogar Cave

Yew Scar Force