Reservoir Walks in Yorkshire

There are plenty of reservoir walks in Yorkshire, no matter where you live it’s likely that there isn’t a reservoir very far away as there are over 100 of them.

One of the great things about reservoir walks is that 99% of the time it’s easy to plot a circular walk – though there are some reservoirs, such as Lindley Wood, that are only really accessible on one side – unless you fancy trampling through farmers fields and jumping over dry stone walls.

Another tick for reservoir walks in Yorkshire is that the paths are generally well maintained, making it good ground under foot for walking. Often reservoirs are located in really picturesque areas, reservoirs closer to civilisation such as Eccup in Leeds, gives way to natural beauty – quickly taking you away from the busyness of the city.

For wildlife lovers, reservoirs are often a hive of activity all year round – being a perfect habitat, particularly for birds.

Reservoirs are often great for easy going walks, but can easily be wrapped into longer walks to just make up a part of it.

Here’s just some of the great reservoirs you can explore:

Swinsty Reservoir –

Swinsty Reservoir is a reservoir in the Washburn Valley – which is located right next to Fewston Reservoir.

The combination of the two can make a great walk for someone looking for a longer distance.

Alternatively, you can just choose to do one of the reservoirs. It has great facilities including toilets – parking can be limited during nice weather.

Widdop Reservoir –

Widdop Reservoir is around 10 miles away from Hebden Bridge, it is surrounded by moorland and rocky crags – geographic features common in the surrounding area of this dramatic and windswept part of Yorkshire.

This reservoir offers a more remote walk, but is also close to other reservoirs that can form part of a larger walk.

Scar House Reservoir –

Scar House Reservoir offers a more challenging walk than most reservoirs, with some steep ascents to be conquered.

When you’re in the area you’ll also be able to see the dramatic architecture from the neighbouring Angram reservoir.

A great reservoir walk with plenty of dramatic views.

Fewston Reservoir –

Fewston Reservoir, which lies next to Swinsty Reservoir, is unsurprisingly a very similar reservoir to Swinsty – with some small inclines to climb, the paths are mostly good all year round.

If you’re in the area for more walks you can also consider Lindley Wood Reservoir which is just a short drive away.

Scammonden Reservoir –

Scammonden Reservoir is a large impressive reservoir that lies just off the M62 and was actually constructed as part of the motorway.

It’s the only reservoir like it in Britain.

It certainly doesn’t quite fit the bill of being a purely tranquil walk to get away from it all, but the reservoir and surrounding landscape is beautiful and dramatic.

Langsett Reservoir –

Langsett Reservoir sits just within the Peak District, near Penistone, Barnsley.

One of the great parts of the Langsett Reservoir walk is some of the stunning views it offers – looking out across the countryside for miles.

Grimwith Reservoir –

Grimwith Reservoir offers some fantastic views across the water and the surrounding moorland.

Apart from some challenging climbs, the walk isn’t too challenging – there are also sometimes muddy areas, but for the most part the path is good underfoot.

Brayton Barff Reservoir –

Brayton Barff Reservoir is not exactly a reservoir walk, as the reservoir itself is covered.

But the woodland walk over the reservoir is a thoroughly enjoyable walk, with a great viewpoint for anyone who makes it to the top of the hill.

It is an accessible walk and not too long, either – making it a family friendly option.

Damflask Reservoir –

You can find Damflask Reservoir near the village of Low Bradfield, which is near Sheffield.

The reservoir walk offers a combination of panoramic views across the water and stretches of woodland walking.

Embsay Moor Reservoir –

Embsay Moor Reservoir is another quick walk that’s great for the family.

It’s about a mile in total, rather than the usual 3+ miles – though, if you’re in the area and want a longer walk, then there are options.

This great walk out is close to Skipton, where you can head for food and drink.